EX Series

The following card sets are the Pokémon Card sets released during the third generation period. From June 2003 until Feburary 2007, these cards introduced a variety of new features including Pokémon ex. This series of cards is currently the longest running of the US sets with 16 sets to its name.

Set Name Number of Cards Logo Release Date
EX Ruby and Sapphire 109 June 18th 2003
EX Sandstorm 100 September 17th 2003
EX Dragon 100 November 24th 2003
EX Team Magma VS Team Aqua 97 March 15th 2004
EX Hidden Legends 102 June 14th 2004
EX FireRed and Leaf Green 116 August 30th 2004
EX Team Rocket Returns 111 November 8th 2004
EX Deoxys 109 February 14th 2005
EX Emerald 107 May 9th 2005
EX Unseen Forces 145 August 22nd 2005
EX Delta Species 114 October 31st 2005
EX Legend Maker 93 February 13th 2006
EX Holon Phantoms 111 May 3rd 2006
EX Crystal Guardians 100 August 30th 2006
EX Dragon Frontiers 101 November 8th 2006
EX Power Keepers 108 Februrary 14th 2007