Pokémon Battle Trozei / Pokémon Link Battle

This game is due for release on the Nintendo 3DS. This game is a download title and a sequel to Pokémon Trozei, featuring the Pokémon that have been released by March 12th 2014, meaning Bulbasaur to Zygarde.

This game continues the mechanics of Pokémon Trozei and has you have to line up multiple Pokémon in order to clear the lines of Pokémon in order to get a chance to capture a Pokémon which is sitting above the box. On occasion, you'll be attacked by the Pokémon, adding to the challenge of the game. This game, unlike its predecessor, features various levels where Pokémon can be found for capture.

If you connect 4 Pokemon, then get a couple of threes, you can earn Trozei Chances which makes it so you can only connect two Pokémon at a time, increasing the combo amount. Types also come into factor when you're connecting Pokémon, in order to do damage to the big wild Pokémon. As before, Ditto will act as any Pokémon, but this time Chansey will heal you. The more times you use a Pokémon, the closer they get to you, and they do more damage when they're connected

First Trailer