Pokémon Duel

Pokémon Duel is a smartphone game released on Android and then later on iOS in 2016 under the name Pokémon Comaster and released in the west under the title Pokémon Duel. It is a board game loosely based on the Pokémon Trading Figure Game. With this game, you have to collect various figures in order to create an offence and defence in matches against the computer or even other players locally. To attack, you spin a wheel and if your attack is more powerful then you attack the opponent and move their piece.

Figures are obtained randomly, with each figure having a completely different rarity. You can spend money to get more items and help with the play. This then changed in early 2019 when it shifted to a Player Pass system rather than purchasing boosters, although boosters could still be obtained as rewards for winning matches.

The idea behind this game is that you have to face off against the AI. However, rather than you choosing a move, you can let the AI choose the move for you.

The game service ended on October 31st 2019, though a Library system remained to see all existing figures.