My Pokémon Ranch

My Pokémon Ranch is a rather unique sub-game that is to be obtained on the Wii through their WiiWare service in Spring 2008.

Pokémon Ranch is similar in style to Pokémon Box whereas you are able to transfer Pokémon from your Diamond & Pearl games to this game for storage. Storing up to 1000 of them at any one time. However, instead of just seeing sprites of them, you are capable of seeing them in a 3D environment which you walk with your Mii. However, instead of the full models, as this is a small WiiWare game, the Pokémon are all shrunk down to small, chibi, origami styled versions of themselves.

While interacting with the Pokémon, it appears that you can fully interact with them, pet them and so forth. Sometimes the Pokémon themselves will be interacting with eachother and you will essentially see all your stored Pokémon in this medium. As such, there is a function that allows you to take pictures of your Mii with your Pokémon and it even has the ability of sending the picture to your friend through the WiiConnect24 service.

Please note that you cannot transfer all your Pokémon here, restart and transfer them back over

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