Pokémon Channel: Together With Pikachu

What many believe to be a sequel to Hey You, Pikachu!, this game has you controlling Pikachu in order to create a successful Pokémon TV Station. With help from multiple other Pokémon of course like Torchic, Mudkip, Treecko, Wobbuffet, Bellossom, Togepi and many more.

Aswell as watching the TV, you can have free roaming through the land meeting Many Pokémon like Kecleon, Swinub, Gloom and even Jirachi! JIRACHI

To do this, you have to look through Artworks, clips from the Animé and many more things aswell as playing some cool games with the Pokémon all to help make a successful TV Show, and watch as Pikachu to improve it's mood.
You can get multiple TVs in which to do this, many of which have special features like the one to the right which allows you to distort the Picture Alternate TVs

You can earn the games from the Pokémon Mini System, including some which have never been seen before too!
Click here for a List of the Programs you can have: Programs

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