Pokémon Snap

Pokémon Snap is an on-rails First Person Camera Shooter first released on the Nintendo 64 and now on the Wii's Virtual Console. You take the role of Todd a.k.a. Snap, a budding young Pokémon photographer who has been hired by Professor Oak to take photos of the Pokémon that are found in the island for his Pokémon report

You get sent to Pokémon Island, an island holding over 60 Pokémon and your job is to capture them on film, this gets easier as time goes on due to various upgrades.

For each picture, you get scored based on Size of the Pokémon in the photograph, the Pokémon's pose, which can be manipulated with certain items, and the Technique of having it in the middle of the picture. There are also bonus points for having the same Pokémon in the photo again, for example, 2 Charmander and Special points if its a rare special pose of a Pokémon

There are also high score challenges to guage your skills as a Photographer. You get given a score to beat and the score of all the photos you take are weighed up and calculated giving the game more challenge

On the Wii Virtual Console version, you also have the ability of saving your favourite photos to your Wii Message Board so that you can send them to your friends to show off.