Pokémon Adventures & Special - Black & White Saga

The Tenth Chapter: Black White

After nine years of waiting, Black finally earned his Pokedex and starter from Prof. Juniper, and began his quest to conquer the Pokemon League in the region of Unova. Impulsive and overtly obsessed with his Champion dream, Black often found himself caught up in unexpected trouble, and had to rely on his Munna to clear his mind in order to gain clarity to solve his problems, a moment which he referred to as 'Detective Time'.

On his journey, he met White, the president of the BW Agency, a girl who dreamt of raising the best Pokemon actors and actresses. Together, they travelled across the land of Unova to pursue their dreams, but soon crossed paths with Team Plasma, an organization who challenged the notion of Pokemon ownership and preached the idea of Pokemon liberation. Things began to escalate when the legendary dragons, Reshiram and Zekrom, showed signs of awakening, and Black soon found himself caught up in the role of the chosen hero of 'Truth'...

# Chapter Picture
461 VS Tepig
462 VS Sewaddle
463 VS Woobat
464 VS Cottonee
465 VS Galvantula
466 VS Timburr
467 VS Purrloin
468 VS Tympole
469 VS Audino
470 VS Pansage & Pansear & Panpour
471 VS Watchog
472 VS Scraggy
473 VS Patrat
474 VS Stoutland
475 VS Cofagrigus
476 VS Trubbish & Cinccino
477 VS Zorua
478 VS Leavanny
479 VS Amoonguss
480 VS Victini
481 VS Bisharp
482 VS Maractus
483 VS Emolga
484 VS Zebstrika
485 VS Servine
486 VS Throh & Sawk
487 VS Mienshao
488 VS Deerling
489 VS Palpitoad
490 VS Thundurus & Tornadus
491 VS Vanillite
492 VS Excadrill
493 VS Krokorok
494 VS Swoobat
495 VS Swanna
496 VS Tornadus & Thudurus & Landorus I
497 VS Tornadus & Thudurus & Landorus II
498 VS Cryogonal
499 VS Tirtouga
500 VS Meloetta I
501 VS Meloetta II
502 VS Rufflet
503 VS Munna
504 VS Vanillish
505 VS Beartic
506 VS Cobalion & Terrakion & Virizion I
507 VS Cobalion & Terrakion & Virizion II
508 VS Darmanitan
509 VS Archeops
510 VS Samurott
511 VS Gothorita
512 VS Druddigon
513 VS Croagunk
514 VS Deino
515 VS Keldeo
516 VS Fraxure
517 VS Beheeyem
518 VS Unfezant
519 VS Keldeo II
520 Zekrom VS Reshiram I
521 Zekrom VS Reshiram II
522 Zekrom VS Reshiram III
523 Zekrom VS Reshiram IV
524 Zekrom VS Reshiram V
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