Pokémon Adventures & Special - X & Y Saga

The Twelth Chapter: XY

In the region of Kalos, an old tale spoke of two legendary Pokemon, Xerneas and Yveltal, who were said to appear every 1000 years to clash with each other. The myth became a reality when the two showed up in Vaniville Town one day, wrecking havoc to everything in the area.

With their homes destroyed, X, a prodigy in battling who went into seclusion after an incident related to the paparazzi, was forced to go on a journey with his childhood friends: Y, a Sky Trainer in training; Trevor the scholar-to-be; Tierno the dancing expert; and Shauna, who aspired to become a Furfrou Stylist. Under the constant threat of the ominous Team Flare, who was after X's mysterious Mega Ring, the five young trainers must stick together and depend on each other to weather through each challenge and seek what they find, including an answer to the mystery of Mega Evolution...

# Chapter Picture
001 VS Kangaskhan
002 VS Mega Kangaskhan
003 VS Diggersby
004 VS Chespin
005 VS Litleo
006 VS Aegislash
007 VS Mega Lucario
008 VS Noibat
009 VS Sylveon
010 VS Charmander
011 VS Mega Gardevoir
012 VS Pangoro
013 VS Spewpa
014 VS Trevenant
015 VS Mega Heracross
016 VS Skrelp
017 VS Flygon
018 VS Electrike
019 VS Tyrunt
020 VS Mega Manectric
021 VS Gourgeist
022 VS Diancie
023 VS Vivillon
024 VS Frogadier
025 VS Klefki
026 VS Gengar
027 VS Mega Gengar
028 VS Braixen
029 VS Quilladin
030 VS Goomy
031 VS Mega Gyarados
032 VS Flabébé
033 VS Xerneas
034 VS Rhyperior
035 VS Pinsir
036 VS Hawlucha
037 VS Mega Pinsir
038 VS Mega Absol
039 VS Greninja
040 VS Chesnaught
041 VS Mega Charizard X & Y
042 VS Mega Mewtwo Y
043 VS Mega Mewtwo X
044 VS Zygarde I
045 VS Zygarde II
046 Epilogue
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