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Great Thanks to Xeno Lugia for making this brilliant Synopsis so quickly

This movie spans a course of seven days in accordance to the Wishing Star of Seven Nights. So for starters, I'll just let you know what day it is, except the intro.

Team Magma, their intention on getting Groudon is high, but perhaps they aren't fools. A Team Magma scientist, Butler, had sought to find them Groudon. However along his research, he stumbled upon something that was interesting... something that would give him the missing link to obtaining Groudon. It was a large purple crystaline.


A computer like 3D field displays the title "Pokemon Advance Generation" before turing to the purple crystal like field and finally going onto the "The Wishing Star of Seven Nights" title.

-1 Day of the Wishing Star

It's a clear sky night, and the gang is walking across a plain. Brock has their next location planned, there's supposed be an amusement park on the move and it's stopping just in the area ahead. The other's are excited and so Ash runs ahead since he wants to be first, then May, then Masato, finally Brock decides to follow them on. The amusement park is just up ahead... but when Ash finally comes to a small hill, there's nothing but an open field. Once everyone gets there, they get dissapointed. May double checks with Brock, yet this is the place and they're at the right time. Maybe they're just a day early. So for the night they camp out.

Later that night some trucks come.Most of them are huge, but there are also tank-like vehicles carrying farris wheels and other rides. Pikachu hears them in the distance, who also wakes up Ash. Then the gang starts to notice the big comotion. It's the amusment park, and they're just starting to set up. The carriers turn into the respective rides, big balloons of various Pokemon blow up. Then two trucks in particular stop by in a more open area. A magician looking person steps out of one, creating a rag he had into a wand. A large bubble started to come out of the wand, bounce around, then another bubble came out. Some ways from the magician, a women stepped out of another vehicle, and bounced the bubbles left and right. The bubbles were soon all in a formation, then popped, forming six stands. And just like magic, the stands create a giant circle of wood, make a woode floor, create a frame, and inflate a balloon wall...A giant tent was raised for the magician's magic show. By dawn, the amusement park had plenty of stands, a giant farris wheel, even a roller coaster. A final truck drove towards the park with a roll on rail for trains, which one was already coming by.

Day 1 of the Wishing Star

That day the gang spent the day there, riding the giant swings and other rides. Particularily when they were in the bumper cars, Brock got distracted by a woman going by, but got in a accidenty himself by crashing into the wall. Jesse, James, and Meowth dressed up as clowns tossed around some phamplets for a magic show, they stopped though, seeing Ash just ahead. Ash and co. on the other hand was looking at one of the phamplets, seeing that there's a magic show nearby hosted by "The Great Butler." This looked really interesting to them, and as always whatever does, they go to the tent where the magic show is being held.

The tent is jammed packed for the show. And it starts off with the magician Butler coming out, turing his rag into a wand. A Mightyena came with his hat and Butler setted it on the table. He tapped it with his wand, and when he lifted it up, a Kirlia came out for the first act. Then for the second act, Butler put the Kirlia into a box, put a rag around it, and when he pulled off the rag, his female assistant came out. The assistant was holding a purple crystal, and then she held it up, producing a bright shine. Everyone was amazed, but there was something with Masato. A voice seemed to call out to him from inside the crystal! After a minute, held the crystal down, but it started to talk to Masato once more, saying "My name is Jirachi." Butler then makes his opening, introducing the Mightyena, Kirlia (who tosses the hat onto Mightyena) and his assistant Dianne.

Masato then just got up and went to the stage, Ash followed right after him to try to stop Masato. Masato got to the stage, asking something about why the crystal was talking to him. Ash caught up, telling Masato to get off the stage. But Masato went on, saying that the crystal was saying it's name was Jirachi. To improvise for the show, Butler decided to do a magic trick with Ash and Masato. It would be one of those perilous types, such as the one where you stick a dozen swords into a box. So Ash and Masato are put into a box, and the clowns from before turn it around so to make sure there aren't any tricks to this box. A Dusclops creeps out from behind the curtains and just onto the stage. Butler explains that the Dusclops will blow up the box with Hyper Beam, but Ash and Masato will appear somewhere else. Brock and May are nervous though, Butler starts the count to 10. Hearing the count, Ash and Masato start to get nervous themselves. But once 10 is counted, they both drop while the Dusclops fires a Hyper Beam at the box. It was a trap door! But Ash and Masato are carried off along a rail cart to another part of stage. While everyone is believing that Ash and Masato dissapeared, they reappear in the back (no one notices apparently). To finish off the trick, Butler announces that they "teleported" to the back. Spolights point towards where Ash and Masato are. Everyone applaudes at the show while the two step down back to the stage.

But once Ash and Masato are back on stage, a claw quickly snatches Pikachu! It's the Rockets who take off their clown disguises. They also managed to catch Butler's Kirlia and Mightyena. They start take off in a balloon, the Rockets on some sort of swing attatchment. Ash starts to get a Pokemon out, but Butler says that he can turn this into an act. Dusclops uses a Will-o-Wisp to burn off one of the strings, leaving the Rockets hanging. This also knocks Pikachu away from them, taking a comeback with Thunder Bolt. The Kirlia and Mightyena are released as the Rockets blow high into the sky. The final act has been played.

After the show, the gang stays to talk about the mysterious mishap with Masato. Dianne explains that the crystal contains a Pokemon known as Jirachi, and it's stuck in the crystal, because it's sleeping. Butler thinks that Masato can perhaps free Jirachi, so he says Masato can have the crystal so Masato can have a "partner" so to speak. May objects, but Dianne gives crystal to Masato. May wants to see but Masato teases her, keeping it away. They both go off into the amusement park area, Ash and Brock follow afterwards.

The gang decides to browse around the stands. May stops by at one stand, looking at a sort of charm. The clerk says that that is the charm of the Wishing Star of Seven Nights. He explains that only once a millenium, a shooting star will pass by for only seven days. If you ever managed to see the shooting star, you make a wish every night it's there and flip a tab for that night, however you have to do it every night in order to have your wish come true. May decides to buy it hands down. Soon fireworks exploding in the shapes of Pokemon (I wish we could have that) light up the sky. Masato "shows" the display to Jirachi, trying to make friends with it already.

That night the gang decides to sleep outside, and the night sky clears from the cover of clouds. It's a wonderful sky, it looks like something interesting is there though. It looks like an aurora, but as the clouds spread away, it reveals the Wishing Star! May remembers her charm and then makes a wish, and marks off day one. Meanwhile the others are talking about this whole Jirachi thing. They notice Masato is sleeping, May gives him a pat on the head, Masato responds by saying "Mama". Those words reminded May of a laluby their mother used to sing, and so she starts to sing it. Then suddenly the crystal starts to glow brightly. Masato wakes up and everyone else gathers around. Energy from the ground appears to center on the circle. But it looks like this hasn't startled the only the gang. Someplace far away, Absol notices the ground is making energy waves, and heads off towards the amusement park. The crystal floats some, and the unviels around the Pokemon who is Jirachi! Masato catches him as he floats down, Jirachi wakes up slowly. Masato gives a nice greeting to Jirachi, who speaks Masato's name back. Then Ash, Brock, and May introduce themselves to the newly awakened Pokemon. But what to do? For now they decide to head to Butler for assistance.

When they get to Butler's tent, Dianne tells them to wait in their trailer. Masato decides to see what Jirachi can do. Jirachi says he can make wishes come true, the gang wants to give it a shot. May, Ash and Brock start fighting over for Jirachi, but Masato breaks them up. Since Jirachi is Masato's partner, he gets to make the first wish. Masato has trouble thinking of a wish but he finally decides on asking for snacks. Jirachi tries to think of what Masato is talking about (1000 years of sleep will do that to you) and soon the bands on Jirachi's head start to glow and like that, the wish is granted. The gang looks around, there's no sign of what Masato asked for anywhere. Just like that, a bag of chips suddenly appeared on Masato's lap. Then Jirachi happily flies about in the trailer making more snacks appear. Jirachi however is not making these snacks appear out of no where! He's just teleporting them from a local snack stand! The trailer starts to get so full that it bursts the back door open. Butler and Dianne come out seeing what was going on, but gang makes it out of the snack pile alright. Butler and Dianne wonder where all these snacks came from, Ash says that Jirachi just made them appear. Butler mentions a stand suddenly lost its merchandise, and they get the idea what happened. May pops out and grabs a candy bar to eat, but everyone tells her to stop. Masato then asks Jirachi to take all these snacks back. Jirachi misunderstands, and sends May away! May however just was teleported to the top of the snack pile. Jirachi says he's sleepy, and just like that he goes to sleep. Jirachi simply ran out of energy from all that "granting wishes" he did. Butler goes on to something else, saying he needs some help with the magic show since Jesse and James aren't around to help.

Absol on the other hand, is already at the amusement park by dawn.

Day 2 of the Wishing Star

The next day Ash and Brock become Butler's new assistants, in the clown get up of course. May is helping out back stage, but Masato is going out today to play with Jirachi. *Note I'm not familiar with general ride names* They go on the pirate ship first, then onto the spinning cups, then onto the farris wheel. While they look at the landscape ahead, Jesse James and Meowth spy on them in their balloon. If Jirachi can make wishes come true, it'll be something great to give to Giovanni.

Masato comes back to Butler's tent after the last show. May backstage is moving with the stage sets when she tips it over on a random block. She runs to the other side to help put it back up, then Masato comes to help out just in time. Jirachi taks Masato's glasses then Masato tries to get it back, leaving May behind. May couldn't hold the part she was moving and it falls over, ripping off the curtain that was behind her and caused a big crash. Ash, Brock, Butler and Dianne come to check out what's going on. May says that Jirachi distracted Masato and that's what caused this mess. Masato is still trying to get his glasses back from Jirachi, and finally catches them. Masato decides to get back at Jirachi by playfully smothering him. Masato notices something tore, it was the tent wall. Then suddenly the mirror infront of him shatters, it's Absol! It looks quite ticked off and seems to be only after Masato. The horn on its head glows and it releases an energy scythe heading towards Masato's way. The others see what's going on, but they can't help out much in the cramped backstage. Masato scrambles finally to the main stage where Absol is just near pinning him down. The others come in just in time, May sends out Torchic to fend off Absol. But Torchic's too weak to lay even a scratch so Pikachu joins in the fray. Pikachu's Thunderbolt works, but it's not enough to make Absol flinch. Jirachi doesn't want Pikachu and Torchic hurt, he teleports them outside up high onto the tent. Absol decides to take on Ash and co.! Butler, however, always seems to have one trick up his sleeve and when Absol got close enough, he hit a switch on his wand opening a trap door. Ash and co. wonders what happened to Absol, which only turns out Butler just trapped it in a cage. Absol's still a little wild so Kirlia puts it to sleep with Hypnosis. All is better now... at least.

Later that night, Butler's in his tent, the stage now has some complex machines on it. Just up on top, the tent is open, revealing the Wishing Star. All he needs now is Jirachi. Dianne on the other hand doesn't look very happy about the idea of what Butler is going to do.

The gang for tonight is sleeping in Butler's trailer, however May is missing. However it only looks like she just came out to do day two of her wishings. After some star gazing, she notices that Butler came out of the trailer, carrying something.

Butler is carrying Jirachi! To the machine of course. Butler places Jirachi on one component, which levitates Jirachi, what worse, it's causing him a great deal of pain. Absol is also out and up, trying to break out of the cage. Dianne wants Butler to stop, but there's no stopping Butler now. What Butler wants is Jirachi to extract the energy from the Wishing Star, but Jirachi refuses. So Butler has his Dusclops force Jirachi to extract the energy. In the mean time Butler looks at a piece of rock in a capsule remembering that fateful day with Team Magma. He had the same exact machine, saying that the rock is a key to summoning Groudon. Once he threw the switch, electricity was directed to the rock, and to a green pad. It started to work, but the machine started to malfunction, and then blows up. He needed more energy, but all that it left Butler with was laughs from the Magma Team. But soon he'll have his way.

May gets back to the trailer and wakes up Ash and the others to tell them Jirachi is missing. They can only suspect Butler took him away and they head for the tent. It's too late for Jirachi however, and an "eye" opens up on his belly, and a beam shoots out straight to the Wishing Star. Butler puts the rock onto another component. When the beam hits the Wishing Star, it sends another beam straight to Jirachi. However the energy from the beam is too much for the machine, and it blows up. Just at that time Ash and co. make it to the stage. Butler and Dianne are still stunned from the blast, Butler insanely going on about how much energy is in the beam. Masato gets Jirachi out of the machine and starts to run off. Dusclops gets a hold of Masato with Pyschic though, but Pikachu shocks the ghost Pokemon to release Masato. If Dianne can't stop Butler, then she decides to side with Ash and co. and help them escape with Jirachi. Just at that moment, Absol breaks free of the cage and keeps Butler occupied for a while.

The gang and Dianne get on the trailer and drive off. Butler can't follow them.. but he sends out Mightyena to chase them for a bit. The gang wonders where Dianne will take them, she says that she's taking them to the only place where they can help Jirachi. Mightyena on the other hand plants a tracking device on the trailer as they drive off. Dianne mentions to the gang that Jirachi is only awake for seven days before he goes back to sleep for another 1000 years... but Jirachi has to be at certain spot. Butler on the other hand looks back at the tracking locator, and he knows where they're going. He presses a switch, revealing another of his machines... it looks like all he wanted to see was if Jirachi could give him enough power to summon Groudon.

Day 3 of the Wishing Star

The next day Dianne is driving across some very bumpy terrain. Masato and Jirachi hold onto some grips in the back area, but where Ash is sitting isn't enough to keep him on the seat during the ride. The ride also causes the tracking device to shake off. That night they camp out, Brock is cooking dinner, Ash and Masato asleep. May does her third day of wishing and goes inside the trailer. She finds Dianne in there, thinking about something. May wonders what's going on, Dianne explains that she wishes Butler wouldn't turn out this way. She's Butler's childhood friend and she used to watch him perform. Butler even knew how to make things appear just like that back then. All she wanted was for him to stay a magician. Things gone bad with Team Magma, and well here he is now bent on getting Groudon.

Day 4 of the Wishing Star

Ash and co. ride through mountains (Team Rocket right behind them), along a beautiful natural avenue alongside a river. They make a pit-stop along the river, Ash going against Masato at skipping stones. Ash only gets two, Masato manages a four and so he celebrates with Jirachi. That night May completes day four of her wishes. Something upsets Masato though, and he runs to the riverside. Ash follows and tries to comfort him, since Ash after all had to give up a lot of friends in the past.

Day 5 of the Wishing Star

Along the way, the trailer gets stuck in mud. Ash and co. try to their hardest to get the trailer out. They manage to after one big push, but everyone gets splashed with mud. Jirachi shimmies himself clean and the rest of the gang laughs.

Later that night, May is about to do day five, but Masato tells her not too. Everytime Masato sees her make a wish, it's ticking down the days he has left with Jirachi. Masato just doesn't want that reminder. Then he goes onto complaining how come he has to go to bed early, but that's just the way things are. Besides Jirachi gets tired earlier, so Masato just snugs with Jirachi and tries to get some sleep. May starts to hum the laluby once more.

Day 6 of the Wishing Star

The trailer finally comes to a stop at a cliff. Everyone comes out and what they see ahead is a landscape of wonder. It's all forest, but every other spot is a high and narrow mesa. Dianne says that just ahead is Jirachi's resting place. They make it down the cliff to the forest area, walking by seeing various Pokemon including: Altaria, Breloom, Linoone, and Flygon.They stop in the middle, late at night to camp. Just one more day... Masato doesn't seem to make the best of things. May completes day six.

Day 7 of the Wishing Star

Along the way, the gang encounters Absol. Absol motions to follow it and so they go on after the Pokemon. It takes them all day, but they make it too the cave where Jirachi was originally. And just in a while more, they reach the exact spot. There's a giant hole in the cave roof, and there's a clear view of the Wishing Star. Jirachi starts to go towards the sky, but Masato grabs him. Masato doesn't want to part with Jirachi just yet, but Ash tells him about what he said three days ago. Masato finally accepts the goodbye and Jirachi floats upwards. Jirachi opens up the eye... but before he could fire the beam, machines poke out of the ceiling and trap Jirachi in an energy net! Then a chunk of the roof reveals to be a giant curtain Butler put up to trick them. The machines direct Jirachi towards Butler where he has a souped up version of the machine he was using before, only this time its on a platform suspended by cables. But it looks like the gang can't do anything now, the machines are generating a barrier, all the can do is watch Butler's "climax of the show".

Butler sets up the machine, three switches come up which automatically get thrown. Three spike emitters comes out from below the machine on the underside. Butler places the rock onto its proper place. Jirachi doesn't know what's going on, so he still fires out the beam towards the Wishing Star. The Wishing Star fires a beam back and the machine harnesses the energy. Butler throws another switch and the emitters fire out a beam that hits the ground, carving a shape of Groudon into it. It's nearly complete when Absol rushes in and tosses an energy scythe at one of the machines. It blows up, and Absol tosses a few more. Then Flygon comes in, busting another two. Looks like they came to help in the nick of time. Ash and Pikachu get on Flygon to stop Butler, Masato comes along too since he can help Jirachi. They quickly head up for the machine, but they can't risk doing damage to it since it'll hurt Jirachi. Butler decides to fend them off with Salamence, which he gets on as well.

Salamence can't get a hit on Flygon as it tries to lay a couple of Flame Throwers, this buys Ash some time to think. Ash says that Pikachu and Masato should get on the platform, Ash and Flygon can distract Butler until Masato can get Jirachi. Flygon makes a swift landing to drop off Pikachu and Masato. Pikachu knocks out the anti-gravity generators holding Jirachi, Masato comes to pick him up. Flygon comes back and they all go off once more... but Butler doesn't seem to mind at all. Jirachi wakes up and is happy to see Masato. But it looks like they're too late, the pattern has already begun to summon Groudon. Out of the earth Groudon rises, notable blue lines glow through the dirt that's covering it. It's an awesome sight to see, but once Groudon is out, Butler notices something that isn't right. The first thing is that Groudon causes plants to die whenever it walks by... the second thing he notices is that there's a lava-like pattern on the underside. This isn't Groudon at all, it's some kind of monster! The enormous stomping also causes the platform cable's to snap, leaving the platform just barely hanging as it was.

By now, Brock, May, Dianne, and Absol are outside, Flygon catches up to them. Absol notices that this isn't right either and tries to attack it. But "Groudon" doesn't flinch, it just looks at it and its claws turn into green tentacles that swiftly engulf and consume Absol. Then after that, the spikes on Groudon's side turn into green tentacles, and soon they rush out everywhere. Some of them gobble up the Altaria, others nab Linoone and Breloom. A wondering tentacle also manages to get Team Rocket! Butler and Salamence go towards the gang. Of course, he's greeted with some nasty words, but he knows he made a grave mistake. The Groudon is a reincarnated form of the energy from the Wishing Star. The only way to stop it is to reverse the energy flow with the machine. Everyone's uncertain, but Jirachi says he'll do it, if it's to help his friends.

Just then, Groudon turns its attention to the gang and sends a few tentacles after them. Brock and May get swallowed up while they try to escape. Another heads straight for Butler, but Dianne covers him. To Butler now, it's over for Groudon. As for Flygon, Ash, and Masato, they get caught in a tentacle, but Jirachi soon teleports them out! (A cutscene shows that whoever Groudon ate, they're just stuck in him) However both Ash and Butler are far from the platform, and Groudon's too close to it for comfort. It's a now or never plan though, and both of them soon head off to the platform. They first evade Groudon's assult of tentacles, Flygon by evading, Salamence by shooting some fire at it. Butler manages to get the platform first. He starts to undo the switches to start preparing the machine to take care of Groudon. He takes the rock from its place, but Groudon's stomping made him drop it! Just in the nick of time Ash catches it and now heads over towards the platform.

Ash, Masato, and Jirachi drop off and the two dragons start to keep Groudon busy. Jirachi gets in place while Ash, Masato, and Butler ready the machine once more. The dragons soon were devoured by Groudon. More stomping gets everyone off their feet, but Butler nearly falls off! He gets back onto the platform and all they're waiting now is to hit the switch to activate the machine. Groudon is already beginning his assult on the platform now. As one final act, Butler puts himself in front of everyone so the tentacles will go after him. Butler says that it was the least he could do for bringing this mess up in the first place. But then a determined Ash scrambles up to the switch, and then throws it for everyone.

The machine fires out a beam to the ground, where it starts to create waves of light. This disrupts Groudon and it collaspes on to the mesa the platform is barely hanging on. Groudon is starting to melt... or is it more like trying to consume? It's already covering the platform, Ash, Masato... But just before Groudon could smother everyone, Jirachi suddenly gets up and smiles, creating an orb of light. Jirachi then flies upwards, pushing Groudon all the way up to the sky! Just as Jirachi passes the Wishing Star, Groudon explodes, creating a meteor shower display. Suddenly all the Pokemon teleport back to the ground, carrying on with their business. Absol, Flygon and Salamence reappear as well. Butler and Dianne teleport elsewhere, then Ash. and co. Jirachi then comes down shining, as if being a shooting star himself. Jirachi happily says that he loves Masato, Ash, Brock, and May. They're all his friends forever. The gang express their friendship back to Jirachi. But right now, it's absolutely the time Jirachi must sleep for 1000 years. But as one last request, Jirachi asks if everyone can sing the laluby to him, so he can remember his friends. May starts off singing, then Ash, Brock, and Masato join. Jirachi says his last goodbyes as the crystal starts to envolope around him. The strange energy waves from before appear, centering on Jirachi. Everyone's watching this, Jesse, James, and Meowth in particular up on a mesa. Jirachi says one more time that forever they'll be friends. The gang says "goodnight" to Jirachi.

Day 8 of The Wishing Star (which has passed)

Butler decides to quit this Team Magma thing and just stick with being a magician. So him and Dianne take off to head back. Ash reminds May of her charm. May gets a surprised look and checks it out... She missed the last day. At any rate, they start to go off... but Jirachi tells Masato, no matter where he'll go, he'll always be his friend...

*Ending Credits*

While the gang walks along the road, May starts to get tired and stops. She doesn't want to walk ALL The way back to the amusement park area. But fortunately for them, the person who sold May the charm happened to drive by, and they all get a ride.

Various Pokemon constellations also show: Teddiursa, Machop pinning down a Seviper, Kyogre, Pikachu, Gligar.

The gang manages to find a beach to relax and spend the day, then they camp out. Finally they walk off to the horizon to their next journey...

Jirachi - Wish Maker!

The Wishing Star of Seven Nights


Gotta Dance!


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