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Pokemon the Movie 2007: Dilga Vs. Palkia Vs. Darkrai

In another dimension a battle wages between two Pokemon, Dialga and Palkia. Both exchange powerful attacks, resulting in explosions that send groups of Unown flying. Dialga manages to get the upper hand, attacking Palkia with a Roar of Time. Palkia quickly defends itself, but in the process gets one of its gems damaged. In a close clash with each other, both send off powerful waves of energy.

Meanwhile, a scholar is reading an old manuscript, the Diary of Godey, which contains useful information regarding Alamos Town. His room is littered with equipment for sensing energy and books from related studies. Just as the two Pokemon in the other dimension release a burst of energy, his equipment reads off pulses of energy coming from a location close to where he is, the energy indicating a space-time anomoly. But he realizes the energy is not of the this dimension, it's something different, and something very powerful.

And so, the fighting continues...

~Present Day~

Ash, Brock, and Dawn travel down a path. Dawn and Ash both ask Brock if they'll reach their next destination, Alamos Town, soon because they're starting to get tired and hungry. Brock says that they're really close, and they begin to see the town on the horizon. They all hurry towards the town, but are dissapointed when they realize that the town is on a mesa, surrounded by water. Dawn complains to Brock if he was reading the map right, but Brock is a little confused himself. In a close call, a woman in a hot air balloon floats by, asking if they want a ride. Of course, the gang accepts and hops along.

In the air, a Chimchar provides the flame for the hot air. The woman introduces herself as Alice, a native to Alamos Town. Brock butts into introduce himself romantically with Alice, but his Croagunk paralyzes him. Ash and Dawn introduce themselves, and thank Alice for the ride. Suddenly Brock jumps up and begins looking in his little book to see if he has Alice in it, Dawn off to the side is surprised at how quickly he recovered. Brock can't find an entry for Alice, but he'll keep his eye on her.

To change the subject, Alice says that she can play music by blowing through a special reed. She demonstrates, playing a beautiful tune that attracts Wingulls, and a Pidgeotto with a flock of Pidgey. The Pidgeotto sends greeting to the balloon as Alice continues to play. After she plays, she tells the gang she learned how to do that from her grandmother.

Just behind them are Team Rocket in a Carnivine balloon. They're eying the gang as usual for Pikachu. But a few Drifloon fly near them. Wanting one, Jesse pulls out a bug net and tries to catch it, but misses. Then a Drifblim shows up, with some kind of equipment hanging from it. The balloon Pokemon aren't too happy with Jesse trying to catch them, and send them away with a whirlwind.

Alice's balloon soon approaches the town, overlooking twin towers called the Spacetime Towers. Alice says that this is what the town is famous for. One of the towers is the Tower of Time, the other is the Tower of Space. The main building down on the ground holds a large Pokemon Contest, which is why Dawn wanted to come to town. However something begins rocking the balloon violently, but instead of wind, its some sort of energy. Back in the scholar's lab, his equipment goes off taking readings of the same anomoly.

Afterwards, the gang lands safely, and decide to take it easy in the town for now. Alice explains the town is very lively, and it wouldn't be too hard to find something to do. To start off, they get some cotton candy and explore the town a bit. Ash and Pikachu finish their's quickly, and then Ash quickly takes all of Brock's when he's distracted by Alice. Ash tries to make a break for it but runs into a Torterra. He then sees three trainers, Katsumi, Dai, and Maki. The Torterra belongs to Katsumi, while Dai has a Empoleon and Maki has an Infernape. Seeing this as a battle opportunity, the gang challenges them to a match.

Pikachu goes up against Torterra. After an unsucessful Thunderbolt, Torterra counters with Seed Bomb. Pikachu quickly dodges the attack and readies an Iron Tail. It hits and the Torterra is stunned. Meanwhile Croagunk exchanges punches with Maki's Infernape, holding its own. Piplup decides to take on Empoleon, at first exchanging tough looks before battling. Piplup tries a Bubble Beam, but Empoleon merely brushes it off and charges towards Piplup, but before it could reach Piplup, the penguin sets up a Whirlpool, sending both up to the sky. Empoleon drops down below and Piplup remains in the air. Both go after each other with Drill Peck, and the battle continues from there.

Afterwards, Alice shows the gang a garden behind the contest stadium. As they make their way around, several Pokemon begin following them, including a Azurill, Marill, Marill, Azurmarill, Wooper, Quagsire, Shinx, and Luxio. Thinking it'd be a good time for their Pokemon to get some excercise, the gang releases their Pokemon. Upon reaching the edge of the park, the gang sees a park down below. The Pokemon go down below to have some fun. Some of them use the slide, others on the swing and teeter-totter. Piplup goes out of the way to find some Pecha Berries growing on a hill. But each time it tries to take one, another Pokemon snatches it. But on the last Pecha Berry, Piplup and Shinx grab it at the same time. Their struggle leads them rolling down to bump into the Teetertotter where it sends Azurmarill flying right towards Pachirasu. Both Quagsire and Buizel catch the Azurill just barely. But the rolling Pokemon eventually bump into them and Pachirisu releases a Spark. Afterwards, the Pokemon begin arguing, the gang almost running towards them to stop them. Alice then plays a tune using the reed, which instantly calms the Pokemon down. Aipom then presents Piplup and Shinx with another Pecha berry, to which the two split down the middle and eat.

Then a Gallade rushes towards the gang, and informs Alice that something has happened. Calling back their Pokemon, the gang rushes to see what's wrong. They come to a pool that's been drained and a few of the surrounding pillars toppled, but looked as if they melted at the base. They wonder who could've done it, until a decorated man by the name of Alberto enters the scene, proclaiming it's the work of Darkrai. Asking about Darkrai, the man says that it's a demon that haunts the park and he wants to catch it. A bush nearby shakes and the man calls out his Lickilily. The large Pokemon fires a Hyperbeam at the bush, only to find that it was the scholar!

Confused, Alberto wonders what the scholar is doing there. To clear up confusion with the gang, Alice says that the scholar is Tonio, her childhood friend. But Alberto claims that he's Alice's fiance (to Brock's dismay). Alice denies that, instead saying that she likes Tonio instead (again to Brock's dismay). Alberto tries to mock about Tonio, but is soon interrupted when an ominous shadow appears on the ground. Then Darkrai appears from it! Elsewhere, Team Rocket, near their downed balloon, observe the dark Pokemon, James thinking how cool it would be to get it. Finding his target, Alberto has Lickilicky shoot a Hyperbeam at it, only to have Darkrai dissapear into the shadows, then reemerging, throws a Dark Void at Lickilicky. The Lickilicky dodges barely, but the Dark Void is headed straight for Ash, who gets engulfed in its energy.

Ash "falls" and lands, but when he gets up, he notices he's in the same place as before, only nobody else is around. He calls out to see if anyone is around, but the shadow of Darkrai appears before him, and covers the area. But then Ash begins to see something else, a vision into another dimension of sorts, where he sees the legendary Palkia for a moment before the vision dissapears. Then Pikachu appears in the distance, but begins falling in some sort of sinking space warp. Ash goes after it, catching Pikachu before being sucked into oblivion, but in the midst of it, Pikachu shocks Ash. Suddenly Ash wakes up and finds himself in the real world, with Pikachu by his side. He finds out he's in the Pokemon Center, and Darkrai must've induced a nightmare from that attack. He begins to believe that Darkrai is some sort of demon.

Tonio is back in his lab, reading the manuscript some more before he comes across a picture that was in it. It's a picture of Alice's grandmother Alicia and her great great grandfather. In it there's an account where Alicia found some Pokemon who were hurt, and found out they were fighting Darkrai. Darkrai was injured itself, Alicia however went up to it and tended to it. Tonio looked at the back of the picture to find a musical sheet, a song that would could be used to calm any Pokemon.

Alberto is elsewhere in town, standing in front of a model town with a train running through it. Behind him is Team Rocket disguised as reporters. They say that they've heard of Darkrai and are interested in following Alberto around as he finds it. Alberto agrees, starting the train before he proudly states he'll catch Darkrai.

Alice takes Ash and the gang to see the Spacetime Towers. But before they go, Dawn buys a Stopping at the main hall, they see a large mural depicting a girl on a branch making music through a reed the same way Alice does, and around here are various Pokemon. Alice says that the girl is her ancestor, and that her family contributed to the tower. Next Alice shows them the Pokemon Contest arena, complete with a large screen, contest floor, and plenty of seating. Finally they make their last stop at Tonio's study where he had been studying the recent anomolies.

When they enter the room, they find Tonio laying on the ground. Alice hurries to him, but Tonio wakes up. Tonio worked a little too late in the night and passed out in the room. He goes off to tell Alice about his discovery last night. Meanwhile, Piplup and Buneary explore the study. Piplup finds a plate-like contraption with a cover on it upon a shelf, and pulls the cover off. Unable to keep balance, Piplup falls over and the cover is thrown. Pikachu noticing this, quickly dashes to catch the plate, but Ash catches it instead. Ash puts cover back on where it was, asking what the Pokemon were doing, and then what the contraption was. Tonio takes the plate, saying it's like a token for the large chime system in the Spacetime Towers. There's a bunch of other plates along the wall, and then Tonio asks if the others would like to see the tower at work.

They all go up to the tower, with Ash and Dawn running up to get a head start to see the top. However, partway through the tower, Dawn is out of breath and Ash decides to continue on. But the tower is taller than expected, and about halfway, Ash sees Alice, Tonio, Dawn and Brock on Alice's balloon. Realizing how much he has to go, Ash tries to get a ride, but they go on ahead to the top. Once at the top, they come across a large machine. Ash stumbles from the stairs finally with Pikachu trailing behind. Some Pidgey had settled down as well as some Rattata who happen to be there.

Tonio explains that the machine plays a chime that could be heard throughout town, and the plates contain the notes. The plates are placed on a large platter that has four plates and rotates. He takes a plate out and let's Dawn put the one they grabbed from the study in. And then Tonio activates the machine. Two electrodes at the top spark up with electricity and the cogs begin turning, which causes hammers to strike strings and from there it plays a song.

Afterwards, they take the balloon down and when they get out of the Spacetime Towers, they see Katsumi, Dai, and Maki. Ash, Dawn, and Brock decide to have a rematch with the three, but this time against a different trainer. But before they can begin, a large wave of energy begins puslating throughout the land. In the alternate dimension, it appears that Palkia is losing the upper hand and is trying to escape from Dialga. A large explosion happens up above near the Spacetime Towers, but the energy soon goes away.

Afterwards, Darkrai makes an appearance, as if it senses something from that energy. Alberto shows up with his Lickilicky, with Team Rocket behind him taping and commenting the act. Lickilicky tries another Hyperbeam, but Darkrai in retaliation begins using multiple Dark Voids. All of them miss the Lickilicky and instead hit other trainer's Pokemon, including Dawn's Buizel and Brock's Sudowoodo. Then Darkrai dissapears into a shadow and attempts to escape in a back road.

Alberto follows after, Ash does as well. Alberto manages to catch Darkrai again, but Darkrai isn't interested in fighting and sends a Dark Void at Lickilicky before dissapearing again. Lickilicky goes into a nightmarish state, and a worried Alberto tends to his Lickilicky, but something happens, and Alberto is transformed into a Lickilicky. At first he's confused since Team Rocket is panicking, and they try to tell him what happened. But only when Jesse holds a up mirror does Alberto finally sees what happened.

Meanwhile Ash is going through the backroads, trying to find Darkrai. Along the way he sees a ghost of a Bibarrel going across the road. Afterwards, he comes across a shadow, and has Pikachu fire a Thunderbolt at it. The attack forces Darkrai out of his shadow and confronts Ash. Pikachu tries a Volt Tackle, but Darkrai goes out to use Double Team. Pikachu is unsuccessful in hitting it until Darkrai merges back and tries to use Dark Void on Pikachu. Pikachu manages to dodge, but Darkrai escapes once again.

Tonio is back at his study, studying the recent anomoly seeing that it was bigger. After looking at a recording of the explosion, he notices something. He plays it slower, and then he sees something in the explosion. When he zooms in and closes in, he sees an image of Palkia. This could only mean that Palkia is trying to open a rift to their dimension.

At the Pokemon Center, all the affected Pokemon are left to rest in the lobby, with their trainers at their side. Then Alberto comes in, with everyone confused at first since he's a Lickilicky. Behind him are Team Rocket carrying the real Lickilicky. He explains that Darkrai had did this to him since he took out Lickilicky. But afterwards, word comes in that a strange fog has envoloped the town.

The entire mesa is covered with a thick fog, and it looks like contact to the outside is cut off. Ash and company go towards the bridge that connects the mesa to the mainland, and find it covered halfway with fog. Ash decides to see if he can cross to the other side, but when he does, he finds himself running right back to where he came from. Tonio comes by to explain what he saw, taking his laptop to show to the gang that he saw Palkia in the recent anomoly. Ash says that he also saw Palkia while he was unconscious. Tonio fears that Palkia is trying to emerge into the world, and as a result, the immediate space around Alamos is trapped in some sort of spacetime anomoly.

Alberto with all the other trainers then comes by. He says that Darkrai is the one responsible for the odd things going on and that he's going to form a coalition to stop Darkrai. Meanwhile, the gang tries to figure out what's going on, since hearing from Tonio, the events happening can't be the work of Darkrai. They decide to head back to the Pokemon Center for now.

The group that Alberto formed manages to surround Darkrai in a small opening. The trainers all try to attack Darkrai but Darkrai manages to hold his own against the attacks. Then in retaliation, uses Dark Void and sends all the Pokemon to a nightmarish sleep.

The Pokemon already afflicted with Dark Void begin to wake up, the ghosts of the tormented Pokemon begin dissapearing. An defeated Alberto also changes back to his normal self, seeing his reflection in a window to make sure. But just as things could get better, things turn for the worse as a last anomoly causes the lifts, only to find that Alamos has been transported to the alternate dimension where Palkia and Dialga resume their battle. The gang rushes out to see the two battle, exchanging dangerously powerful attacks. However, when Dialga misses Palkia, its attack heads toward the Spacetime Tower. Darkrai immediately goes in front and blocks the tower from any damage. The gang soon figures out that Darkrai isn't an enemy and it was all a misconception.

Nobody's exactly sure what to do now, as there seems to be no way to stop the two from quarreling. Tonio continues to say that the energy that they're giving off is incredible. But another problem is soon faced... The town begins disentigrating into nothingness. Observing this, Tonio begins running a simulation, a prediction of what would happen. The town is slowly dissapearing fromt he outside in, and it's related to whenever Palkia uses an attack. It appears that since it's gem was damaged, and so it's getting it's energy from the space of the real world.

Just as they realize the situation, another misguided attack from the fighting Pokemon heads towards Alice, but Darkrai gets in front of her and uses Dark Pusle to counter the attacks. Seeing there's a new "threat" to them, Dialga and Palkia begin attacking Darkrai. Darkrai tries to use Dark Void on the two of them, but both deflect the attack with a barrier. Unfortunately, Darkrai can't hold out for too long and pulls away, letting the two fight each other.

Meanwhile, the gang begins moving the inhabitants of Alamos towards the garden near the Spacetime towers, which is the safest place for now. The town continues to dissapear as the battle wages on. Tonio tries to think of some way to stop the two Pokemon from continuing. Obviously intervening the fight is out of the question, seeing how strong they are... And then something hits him. The song that Alice knows how to play using the reed can calm the heart of any Pokemon. The Spacetime Tower also has that same exact song. If they can find the plate that has the song and get to the top of the tower.

They go inside the main hall where the mural are, Tonio saying that the plate had to be in one of the placeholders below the mural. Although another problem was faced, there are too many plates and they can't simply try them all out. Alice took out the photo of her grandmother and her great great grandfather, recalling the time when her grandmother showed her how to play music through a reed. After her flashback, she looks at the back of the photograph, and noticed a symbol below the chart. Then she looked at the plates along the holder, and found that one of the symbols had matched. She exclaims it to the others, and Tonio rotates the holder so they could get the plate.

They rush to Alice's balloon for a quick way to get up to the top of the tower, but midway, an explosion from Dialga and Palkia's battle rocks Piplup off the balloon. Ash quickly sends Starvia to retrieve Piplup. But then a series of attacks from Dialga heads towards the balloon. Darkrai rushes to deflect some of the blasts, but one of them grazes the basket. Dawn loses balance and falls off, but luckily lands on a nearby platform. Realizing that it's too dangerous to continue on the balloon, Ash jumps down onto the same platform and the two continue using the staircase. They hurry since the disentigration has reached parts of the tower. Meanwhile Alice and Tonio try to find a way to get down safely, but Dialga misses a Roar of Time attack that heads towards them. Darkrai immediately gets in front to take the blast and careens towards the garden. Tonio is knocked off the basket and the balloon rapidly descends down.

Alice decsends towards a bridge that leads to the Spacetime towers, Alberto and Lickilicky quickly follow after her. She jumps off, but lands on the guardrail. Unable to keep her balance, she nearly falls off but Lickilicky catches her with its tongue, but slips. But just before she falls, Tonio catches her. Tonio managed to save himself by grabbing onto his Drifblim. Alice is grateful for saving him, again. When they were children, Alice had fallen off a cliff while Tonio was at the bottom. She had thought Tonio saved her. But Tonio had said that he had seen Darkrai save her instead, and that it was Darkrai who saved her. In speaking of Darkrai, Alice is worried about it, and hurries back to the garden where it landed.

Meanwhile Ash and Dawn along with some of their Pokemon climb the stairs to the top, but parts of the disentigration are happening faster than they can keep up. Parts of the stairs before them dissapear, but in a creative effort, Dawn has her Buizel and Bunneary use Watergun and Ice Beam to make a set of stairs to fix the gap. However, just before they reach the top, Ash misses a step and nearly falls out of a hole created in the stair well. Dawn catches him but she can't hold on much longer, and the two fall to another part. They make the rest of their way on foot from here.

Darkrai is later found in a pool, Brock and a Quagsire carry it up towards the edge. When Alice comes by, she worries that it took too much of a beating, and then turns towards Dialga and Palkia, shouting for them to stop. Just then, Darkrai has a memory where it recalls Alicia tending to it while it was hurt. Seeing Alicia in Alice, it suddenly wakes and rushes towards Palkia and Dialga as they are charging up their singature move. Tonio notes that at this rate if they keep doing such powerful moves, the town only has one more attack before it's critically disentigrated. And when the two Pokemon fire off their attacks, Darkrai immediately gets between both, using a Dark Void to absorb the attack and amplify it, covering the two Pokemon and trapping them.

As they climb up the tower, Dawn first sees Darkrai pulling off his stunt, and then Ash. But seeing that it's managed to halt the two Pokemon, Ash says that it's an advantage they have to take. They finally reach the top of the tower, but as they do, Darkrai can't hold Palkia and Dialga much longer, and its Dark Void shrinks. The two Pokemon now free, attack at Darkrai, which causes an explosion. As Darkrai is blown away, it begins to disentigrate, before dissapearing completely. Things are looking desperate as they don't have much time.

Making haste, Ash and Dawn pop out a plate from the machine, only to find that the plate they have is too big to fit. They can't make it fit, and they don't have time to find a way to make it fit. But then Dawn notices that in the middle, there's a slot with the same symbol as the plate. Then Ash pushes it in and upon finding that it fits, the two of them throw the switch. But there's no power left for the machine to run. Ash and Dawn turn to the service of Pikachu and Pachirasu, and both give it all they got to power the machine. It works, and the machine begins playing the same song Alice plays. And just before the Space and Time Pokemon can launch what would be a final attack, they stop. The town stops desintigrating further. The Spacetime Towers begin to glow, everyone watches as the two large Pokemon are now calm. All damage to Palkia also is resorted. Dialga first heads off into the unknown of the alternate dimension, while Palkia first returns the town to how it was before before descending to the ballooning platform at the top of the tower. Ash and Dawn run out to see it, Ash blatantly calling Palkia stupid for getting everyone involved in their fued. But Dawn asks if Palkia can return the town back to their own dimension, the way everything was. Palkia does so, and Alamos is soon warped back to the mesa it was on before it heads off on its own direction in the alternate dimension.

Even though all is well, Ash and company, along with Tonio and Alice mourn the loss of Darkrai, who sacrificed itself to save the town. But just as they walk back to town, Pikachu notices an ominous shadow is cast along a cliff. When Ash turns to see, it's the shadow of Darkrai, upon the twin towers. Everyone looks up to see that Darkrai indeed is standing upon the top of the Spacetime Towers, perhaps overlooking the town.

At the end, Dawn participates in the contest held inside, before the gang deprats to their next destination. Darkrai continues to be nothing more than a shadow in Alamos Town.

Special Thanks to Altomare Latios for writing this for us so quickly

The Rise of Darkrai

Dialga VS Palkia VS Darkrai


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Baron Alberto

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