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The 16th Pokémon movie was revealed in the Oha Suta episode of December 13th 2012 and CoroCoro Issue released December 15th 2012 and features shiny Genesect and is due for release in Japan in July 13th 2013. It also comes with an attached Pikachu short called Pikachu & Eevee Friends.

It was later announced that this movie will feature Mewtwo as the other main character within the movie, and that it will tie in with the current anime plot. It was later revealed that the movie showcases a new form of Mewtwo


Mewtwo is flying around with some bird Pokemon. At the same time, not too far away, the five Genesect are also flying. Red says "This way." Mewtwo changes to her speedy form and says with a smile that she wants to go faster.. She soon says she want to go "beyond her limit", racing ahead of the birds. THe Genesects are shown having found a snowy place that they thought should have been where their home was. They are blown around dangerously by gusts of wind and snow. Mewtwo flies higher and higher until she begins to freeze and lose consciousness in the upper atmosphere. Saying this is not a place she can be, she begins to fall. Then she hears in her mind the sound of one Genesect (who has Douse Drive) whimpering it wants to go home. She senses their danger and speeds to them, certain she will not make it in time. She manages to sweep the four purples away just before they are swept up in an avalanche.

Mewtwo looks into their minds. She sees they were created by humans, and how they escaped from Plasma's lab. Red then appears, and Mewtwo, who feels much empathy for their plight, explains to the Genesects that much time has passed since they were originally alive, which is why their home is not where they remember it being. Red becomes angry and attacks Mewtwo, and they fly off. Mewtwo is deeply worried. The Genesects see ahead of them the city, and its silhouette resembles the rocky outcrops of their old home. They head for it.

Main title sequence!

Ash, Iris and Cilan are walking through and admiring the "Central Park" of this city. They arrive at Pokemon Hills, a reserve for Pokemon, and meet Eric, one of the workers there. They let their Pokemon out to play and meet many of the Pokemon living there, such as Feraligatr, a shy Sableye who takes a liking to Ash, many Deerling and Sawsbuck, Houndooms, Dwebbles who admire Cilan's Crustle very much, a Persian and others. While running around playing, Ash and Pikachu come up to a small pond covered in lily-pad like flowers. Douse is there, and folds up when she sees Ash. He is confused, poking it and wondering if it is alive, and what it is. When he clambers all over it it suddenly starts to zoom around like a hovercraft, and Ash and Pikachu surf on it laughing and having fun while Sableye watches from the shore, kicking its feet.

When they are done playing, Ash is delighted and impressed with Genesect unfolding. She whimpers she wants to go home, and Ash asks if she is a lost child. She cocks her head to the side, not knowing what "lost child" means. Ash imitates a child crying for its mom to explain. Cilan and Iris arrive and Ash introduces them. He then promises to Douse he will help her find her home, and she hopefully replies, "Really?" Cilan and Iris ask Ash if he knows how to help her find her home and he says "No idea".

Red and the other three show up and Red attacks without delay. Ash is angry, shouting at it. Red says they are all enemies, and seems mad at the cowering, overly friendly Douse. He demands she attack, and when she is reluctant, he uses their mental connection to force her to attack. As she struggles and then begins to power up an attack, Ash begs her not to. As her attack fires, Mewtwo speeds in and blocks it.

Ash and friends find themselves in a deep crater from the attack, but safe due to Mewtwo's protection. Ash starts to recognise it and she interrupts and introduces herself as Mewtwo. She asks if they are okay, and when the humans respond they are, she says "Not you - I was asking Pikachu and Axew." Ash asks what those Pokemon were, and Mewtwo reluctantly begins to explain they are Pokemon who went extinct millions of years ago, were revived by humans and had weapons added to their bodies. She tells them to forget they met her, and leaves. Team Rocket overheard it all and want to capture all these legendary Pokemon.

At the Pokemon Center, Eric and Nurse Joy have not heard of Mewtwo or Genesect. They worry they are dangerous, but Ash is sure Douse was friendly, despite the others' doubt due to the attack. While Pikachu and Axew are healed the group discusses a photo on the wall of a place where Eric found ancient flowers - the lily pad ones - and how he grows them at Pokemon Hills as well, and they are his pride. Meanwhile, the Genesects are busy building a cocoon inside of Pokemon Hills and terrorizing all the Pokemon living there, except for Feraligatr who continuously harasses them and gets beaten back. The foundations of the cocoon are entangled in the power generators, causing lights to flicker all over town. Ash and friends and Eric are enjoying hotdogs, the "famous food of this city", when Sableye runs to them in a panic to alert them to the danger in Pokemon Hills. They run towards it to find the terrified Pokemon, some who have been injured, including a young Ralts. Cilan runs off to have it healed.

Mewtwo is watching over the city, remembering her early life, specifically, the scientists who created her torturing and experimenting on her her painfully over and over. After her escape, she remembers how alone in the world she thought she was as she flew around, badly wounded by the torture. She collapses into a cave in the mountains, startling the Pokemon living there. They gather around her, healing her themselves, and she is happy as she knew they she was not alone. She had found a place for herself and enjoyed her life with her Pokemon friends in the mountains.

Ash, Iris and Eric find the cocoon. Douse spots them and flies down, apologizing for attacking them. She excitedly calls them to the edge of a pond and points to the flowers, saying simply, "I like this flower." Ash remembers it from the photo. She says the flower grew in her home, which she continues to sadly whimper about wanting to return to. Eric, meanwhile, is concerned about the generators being tangled in the cocoon. He worries it could result in a citywide blackout and fires. The Genesects see them there and begin to attack. Mewtwo once again appears, telling them this is the human's place and trying to convince them to go with her. She is angry they are terrorizing the Pokemon. Red will not listen to reason and the two begin to battle despite Mewtwo not wanting to fight with the Pokemon she empathizes with so strongly. They fly around the city, hitting buildings occasionally and knocking debris down, causing a resident to look up in surprise to see smoke coming from a damaged skyscraper. The two continue to zoom around the City, including "Times Square", so fast they are hardly seen. They do only minimal damage to a few buildings, but their fighting annoys an Eevee sleeping in an apartment with two children.

The other Genesects and Pokemon also battle in Pokemon Hills. Eric has gone down to try to control the electrical surges. Cilan returns with his Pokemon to fight as well. Ash is attacked, and Douse protects him. Douse is horrified and saddened when an attack from Houndoom destroys many flowers. Ash is targeted by the other three purples and Douse again takes the attacks head on to protect him. Douse says she is happy Ash is safe, then goes limp, her eyes going dark. Ash is horrified. Mewtwo, now back at Pokemon Hills, battles the four remaining Genesects by herself, again angry they will not just come with her to someplace unneeded Pokemon like themselves can live, and that she must take them all down. Red says she cannot do that. Douse awakens but can see the destroyed flowers and is heartbroken. With all the battling, the remaining purple Genesects fall through the floor to where the generators are now burning bright blue with hot flames. The entire city goes dark.

Douse gets up, panicking about the fires spreading, especially as they lick up the ides of the cocoon. The Pokemon try to help as well. Thanks to the help of the Pokemon Hills Pokemon, the Genesects who fell into the fires are rescued. They then begin to help Ash, Douse and the Pokemon. When Red, angry still, attacks Ash, they help. When Mewtwo falls down, they help her too. Red will not change his mind that everyone is an enemy. Ash runs between him and Mewtwo, demanding they knock it off. Mewtwo tells him to go away, and Ash says he cannot, as he promised Douse he'd help her find her home. He tells Mewtwo no Pokemon is unneeded. The purple Genesects tell Red to stop. It seems the perfect time for Red to come to his senses, but he only angrily repeats that everyone is an enemy and attacks yet again.

Mewtwo has had enough. She grabs Red tightly and shoots off into the sky, dragging him with, saying they are going beyond the limit, where there is nobody else. Red is powerless as they go higher and higher, begin to freeze and fight to stay conscious. They break through the atmosphere, barely lucid. Hovering over earth together, they witness a beautiful sunrise emerging over the planet. Together they decide this is where they were born and they do have a purpose after all. Red's eyes flicker and he seems to finally understand, saying they ought to go "home", this time meaning earth itself. As they fly back down, Red tries to help Mewtwo, but they are both burning up in the atmosphere.

Below, the purples know Red and Mewtwo are faling and race to help. Charizard and Dragonite are sent out to help too. Using cocoon silk the purples try to make a web but it does not slow the momentum. Charizard and Dragonite also try to slow them but the web breaks and Mewtwo and Red continue to plummet. Iris says if only they had a cushion. Ash has the idea to make water into a cushion. Various Pokemon use their abilities to form a large cushion of water in the air, which saves Mewtwo and Red. They all fall into the pond, and Ash and Feraligatr dive in to help them.

As they all recover they are happy to find Red calmed and now saying "Everyone is friends" and not enemies, and Mewtwo finally accepting the humans and her own existence. Ash has an idea! They go to Eric, who is still below by the electric control panels, relieved the situation and generators are under control.

The idea Ash had becomes clear as the scene changes and the Genesects are building a new cocoon in a lovely place, the place in the photo on the wall of the Pokemon Center where Eric found the ancient flowers naturally growing. Douse lands by Ash, telling him how happy she is, that she likes this place, and that she "loves everybody!". Mewtwo is impressed and grateful that Ash found the Genesects a good home to call their own. She says she is glad she met them all, and flies off to her own home.

In the credits most character from the Best Wishes anime are shown, including N walking along by himself, gym leaders, rivals and others, as a sort of farewell to Gen 5. The preview for next year's movie shows Chespin, Froakie and Fennekin each using an attack, then Yvetal and Xerneas looming.

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Genesect and the Legend Awakened

Extremespeed Genesect - Mewtwo Awakens
神速のゲノセクト ミュウツー覚醒


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