Mewtwo Strikes Back EVOLUTION

The 22nd Pokémon movie was revealed in a preview trailer following the movie The Power of Us. In this reveal, a CG trailer was shown that mirrored the opening from the original movie, Mewtwo Strikes Back


The mythical Pokémon Mew is said to only show itself to adventurers who possess both "a pure heart and a strong desire to meet it". It is said to be the "origin" of all Pokémon, and as Pokémon researchers all over the world seek its whereabouts, a scientist finally discovers a Mew fossil and starts tempting God, involving himself in a forbidden act based around said fossil.

"Where is this? Who am I...?"

A legendary Pokémon born unto this world by the ego of a human that wanted to create a strong Pokémon. Its name is even Mewtwo. And as Mewtwo, serving as the ultimate weapon, repeatedly carried out experiments without even understanding why it existed, it harbored a hatred towards the human that had birthed it.

"I hereby strike back at the mankind that birthed me!"




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