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The scene is at a beach. Pikachu and Togepi are seen running with the waves as it comes up and down from the shore. Totodile is enjoying a nice swim and so is Psyduck, but a wave gets him to the shore unintentionally. Cyndaquil, Bulbasuar and Bayleef are relaxing on some rocks. Totodile decides to have some fun and squirts Cyndaquil with some water. Togepi notices some Corsola and decides to copy them. Pikachu however tries to stop Togepi but Togepi has gone too far. But a Wailmer comes up with Togepi and creates a water spout, with Togepi on it. Togepi gets launced out and a Yanma catches it, which it sets on the beach and goes towards a house. Pikachu and co. follow it to the house seen in the distance, just on curiousity.

The house has a large, nice garden in it. A Larvitar, Granbull, and Kecleon are walking around. They fix any minor problems. Larvitar paying attention to fixing pair of rocks, but Togepi accendentlly crashes into them, annoying Larvitar. Larvitar tries to give Pikachu and Togepi the cold shoulder but his friends already made friends with Pikachu, in which Totodile, Cyndaquil, Bulbasuar and Psyduck made it there too. Since they made friends, Granbull calls out towards the garden. A Sandshrew, Sunflora, Azurill, Oddish, and a Donphan goes towards them. Larvitar, surprised with Pikachu and co. he decides to go hide. Pikachu wonders but Granbull suggests a hide and seek game.

Pikachu finds a stick and tosses it in the air, whoever it points to is "it". The stick spins when it lands, everyone blowing on it to prevent him/herself (if there was any girls ^_^) from being it. The stick comes upon... Pikachu. Everyone is off, except Togepi, which imitates Pikachu, but Bulbasaur comes in and picks it up with its vines and runs.

Sunflora tries to hide in some flowers, but Totodile laughs because it's the wrong color for a good camouflogue. It tires another color, but still no cigar. Oddish burrows itself underground, only its leaves showing. Kecleon goes in front of a pot and cloaks, leaving it's red stripe showing. Cyndaquil and Granbull hide in the house. Afterwards, Azurill is in the water and Bulbasuar buried himself too.

After the countings done, Pikachu sets off. He spots the flowers, knowing that Sunflora is more likely to hide in them. He searches around, finding Sunflora, but is not sure, so Pikachu turns around but Sunflora smiles, Pikachu catching him fast. Then Pikachu spots a brick wall, but a part is disoreintated. It almost looks like it's moving. Pikachu closes in on it and spots the Sandshrew. Next, Pikachu goes to the fountain, but there's a spout that's out of pattern. So he sticks his head in the water and finds Totodile in there using water gun. Pikachu goes over to Totodile and closes its mouth and Totodile jumps out. Next it's the garden shed, but Larvitar is there, behind a pile of tires, or is it? Larvitar knows one of them is Donphan disguising himself and pushes him towards Pikachu. Donphan rolls down the hill and crashes in some bushes.

Meanwhile, Meowth and Wobbuffet is mowing the lawn, when the lawn mower eats up a bad object and stops, Meowth obviously just goes about to something else, ignoring the mower.

Pikachu is exploring the house and comes across a couch having a pillow with Togepi's shell design. However there's a "lump" that's sitting there. Pikachu attempts to tickle the lump, Togepi bursting in laughter. Both come across a fireplace with a fire buring, or is it? Pikachu instantly notices it's Cyndaquil.

Larvitar is wondering around, and sees the lawn mower, he kicks a rock to it and it starts up going after Larvitar. Scared, the Larvitar makes a break for it, the mower chasing him. The mower zooms towards Pikachu with Togepi, Cyndaquil, and Granbull, and they run away as well with Larvitar. They run aross some stepping blocks and bump into Meowth and Wobbuffet, both wondering what's going on. They see the mower and use the chiminey sweepers they have to fight it. The mower busts out with some circular saws and cuts up their sweepers. They run into the hedge maze and begin a near endless chase. Larvitar runs into them again, having a plan. They go to a corner, everyone but Larvitar goes continues to run. Larvitar gives the mower a nice kick and sends it flying to the other side. The Pokemon come out of the maze... Yet the mower busts through the walls with a pair of hedge trimmers. Again the chase is on, but Pikachu and co. run for the beach. They head for a dock, but when they got to the end, the held on to some small poles. The mower cuts the poles but goes straight to the ocean. Relieved, Pikachu and Larvitar tosses their poles and walks back. It ain't over yet. The mower comes back and rips through the pier again with Pikachu and them on the run. Larvitar however has another plan and sends Togepi and Pikachu alone for the chase. Larvitar gathers everyone else and they head for a log pile. They start to build a barricade that has a space in the middle so the mower can go through. Once they used up all the logs, Larvitar calls up on Pikachu. Pikachu runs for the space and jumps out of the wooden barricade, which works. However, it's too short for their goal, so everyone starts to use the last logs and place them up front. This continues until Psyduck trips, the mower is free to go. The mower is on a lock-on with Pikachu, who is just straight ahead. Bayleef comes in action and uses its vines to push the mower out of the way and back on the track. They make the track until it reaches a shack, the mower going there. Once in Pikachu and Larvitar closes the door and there was a loud crash and some twists but the mower comes out, busted up and will no longer go. Everyone is happy and then they repair anything that was done.

Kecleon goes back to it's normal colors, wondering where's everyone. Whoa, that's a good hiding spot

After everything is done, they have another game of hide and seek, this time Larvitar becomes "it". Togepi copies Larvitar, but Pikachu runs to get it.

Great Thanks to Xeno Lugia for making this brilliant Synopsis so quickly and allowing us to use it

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