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Great Thanks to Xeno Lugia for making this brilliant Synopsis so quickly

Along the many mountainous areas of Johto, a train runs from the big city to the big country. On one of the cars are the Pichu twins. The train came out of a tunnel recently, blowing the soot it made into their faces. They look at each other and laugh at how they look. Up ahead is a mail bag for trains to catch, but a Skarmory that rested on it soon takes off. The bag spins around and the Pichus are caught and smacked right off the train, being shot off into the forests. A Wynaut is sitting in a tree, enjoying the fruit when the Pichus fall on the branch and flings them all across the area. Mean while, Pikachu, Togepi, Totodile, Cyndaquil, Corsola, and Psyduck all enjoy a bit of time in the forest, when all of a sudden Pichu, then Pichu, and Wynaut fall upon Psyduck. Pikachu goes checks it out and notices it's the same Pichus from before and they dance about for a moment before Wynaut makes a scene.

Everyone greets him and soon they go off to finding some food. They go hop around some rocks then look around some more before finding a bunch of grape trees (First berry trees.... now grape trees? Looks like everything grows on trees) and they eat. Totodile apparently has a hard time with one bunch but slips out, splatting on Cyndaquil. Messy hair Pichu finds a bunch just low enough, but it scuttles when he tries to grab it. He tries to get it again, but the grape just keeps moving away. Finally they figure out its a Sudowoodo. The the Pichus try to nab the grapes but the Sudowoodo wins at the grip. The Sudowoodo so gets off and Wynaut gets into a little arguement, but the Sudowoodo walks off. Everyone is soon at a pond, taking a drink. Just around the pond are two stair-like rapids, and Totodile soon comes riding down on them, making a big splash on the Pichu brothers.

They laugh and splas at Totodile for a moment then Totodile WaterGuns Pichu (the non-messy hair) up on of the rapids which he returns down with shock but soon laughs as he gets down. Totodile then Water Guns the other Pichu and he comes down with the same expression. Everyone finds this fun and soon wants to try it out. Togepi, Psyduck and Corsola all go up and they get pushed up to the top of the falls and comes back down all enjoying themselves. Meanwhile, Meowth and Wobbuffet hike along the mountains of the area, again on some random journey to no-where. Meowth starts to sulk and then all of a sudden, they go a little too fast and runs into Meowth, tripping and rolling down the hill. In the evening, everyone comes by a mountain side facing the sun.

A few of them start to play around with their shadows until Pikachu tries to act like a big monster with his. Everyone laughs playfully, Pikachu a little embarrased his scare didn't quite work. Later that night everyone decides to settle in the forest. Cyndaquil starts up a fire and and everyone settles down and relaxes. Something comes by Pichu (neat hair) however and makes a spooky laughing sound. He looks back, there was nothing... maybe something was there? He walks off into the forest looking around along with Wynaut. The laughing sounds go on and soon Duskull appears, coming right at them! Pichu runs behind Wynaut scared but something's wrong. It looks like Wynaut and Duskull are friends! They start to talk for a while then Pichu gets an idea. Back at the campfire, Yowamaru taps on the other Pichu's shoulder with a stick, causing him to look around. He walks into the forest a bit, scared about something there. Yowamaru taps on Pichu's shoulder, but when he looked back, Yowamaru dissapeared, appearing behind him with a laugh. This happens a few more times until Yowamaru suddenly shows up and it scares Pichu silly.

This causes everyone else to look over at Pichu, and soon run around back to the campsite with Yowamaru chasing after him. Soon Pichu and Wynaut appear and everyone laughs. The Yowamaru shakes Pichu and Wynaut's hands before going off. It starts to rain, everyone wondering how they'll seek cover. Soon a Volbeat comes flying by, carrying a leaf as an umbrella. He flies to them and greets them. Looks like he knows a place where they could sleep for the night. Everyone follows him and goes through some high grass, everyone but Totodile in the back has a leaf. Poor Cyndaquil... Totodile's dancing is slapping mud all over him.

They eventually get to an old water-mill building that looks like it's for grinding wheat into flour. They head inside for a moment, looks like everything's okay to sleep in. Meowth an Wobbuffet walk aorund for a while in the rain before Yowarmaru tries his scare on them. They get scared and run super fast straight before smacking themselves in the water-mill. They go in and look inside for a while. Meanwhile, everyone else is sleeping on the second floor. While they look around, Meowth trips and hits a switch that soon turns on the place, everything starting to move, all the lights get turned on.Everyone gets up, all trying to get away from anything moving. Psyduck gets stuck running on a wheel for the moment, keeping him occupied. Meawhile Wynaught gets stuck in a table for a grinder, the grinder coming close. Pikachu came in a got him out before the grinder touched down. Soon everything becomes a mess. Totodile trying to get a wheel stable sends it rolling down the hallway with him on it, the wheel was headed straight for Pichu and others! He manages to grab a rope however which lower a staircase and the wheel simple goes up.

Wynaut on the other hand helps out the other Pichu on a elevator contraption, but soon gets caught in it himself as he goes downwards. On the floor below, Wynaut runs into Wobbuffet. Both do some talking back and forth, Meowth a little confused. (Funny scene, Wobbuffet and Wynaut exachnage "Sonano!" "Sonansu" and so on) After a bit, Wynaut went back up, apparently now the things going on get so rough that soon a barrel that Volbeat was holding start fell from the second floor down. Meowth and Wobbuffet get catapulted up into the sky, landing on the stream that soon gets them spun out by the water-wheel. Now to turn this contraption off. Pikachu and Volbeat get to the switch and soon push it.

They successfully shut off the machine, everything stopping, everything going back to where it was originally. Soon everyone relaxes and decides to take their long-wanted sleep. The next morning, everyone goes outside, it's yet another beautiful day. Everyone washes their faces, one of the Pichus needing help. Volbeat departs from the pack, while the group themselves find the train the Pichus were taking. Meowth and Wobbuffet settle down for a breakfast, a single cookie. Then the Skarmory from before swoops down and takes it, both of them grabbing on with fury.

They reach the top of the hill, seeing the train at a station. Soon then everybody slides down on leaves as they go high-speed down the hill. When they get to the bottom, there's a slight bump, when they get over that, they start running. But the train's already moving! Everyone runs fast to the caboose, but only one Pichu manages to get on. The train's already too fast for them, so they find a push car. (Those cars where you have to push down and pull up to move) They can't move the car, so Wynaut calls out and soon a whole bunch of Wynauts come out. Together, everyone manages to push the the car foward. They catch up to the train at first, but it the train moves faster than they could. With no other option. Cyndaquil moves up to the back and unleashes a flamethrower on the ground which boosts the car fast enough to catchup with the train. Psyduck is soon knocked off the car, right into a switch gate after the train passed it!

The car makes a sharp turn but luckily it's heading right to a bridge over the train. Phanpy picks up Pichu and as soon as they hit the bridge, Phanpy tosses Pichu straight for the train. As for the car, it ran right into a pile of wood, sending everyone high up. Pichu on the other hand isn't going to make it to the train, so in mid-air, Totodile uses a Water Gun to push Pichu far enough to the train. Everyone falls onto some hay on a cliff, and Pichu lands on the caboose. The Pichus waves goodbye, as well as everyone else. As for Meowth and Wobbuffet? Well they were let go just above that train. They soon landed on the coal car of the train.

Camp Pikachu!

A Pika Pika Starlit Sky Camp


Guardian Gods of the Water Capital: Latios & Latias