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On the beach, on a beautiful sunny day many Pokémon have set up stalls from which they are selling gifts. A Wigglytuff is selling balloons, a Lombre is dealing in Pokémon masks and a Mudkip is selling refreshing drinks. A Snorunt with it's cream cake stalls and a Swablu with a candy floss stall are all making use of the day and setting up shop.

We see Pikachu running along the sand with a Plusle and Minun, they stop and shout over to all their friends, a huge group of 15 Pokemon, including all of Ash's, some of Mays and one or two of Brocks.

Corphish is sitting at it's stall, where he is a selling Bananas, he is trying to grab attention by hitting some papers on the top of his stall, which grabs a Snorlax's attention. It wanders over and stands tall above Corphish and his stall, it leans over and eats the bananas right out of Corphish's claw and then before Corphish can react it munches all of the bananas. This angers Corphish who stands up on its now empty stall and begins to start shouting at Snorlax who just turns around and falls over backwards onto the stall and Corphish, asleep.

We pan over to a stage which is being put together by the Pokemon, Bulbasaur and Combusken are setting up the lighting, Torkoal and Forretress are working on the main stage and Beatuifly is helping some Whismur with the sound system while Pikachu watches on and co-ordinates everyone.

Plusle and Minun are running about together and then start playing on a swing, they are gleefully swinging up high above the stage as Pikachu spots them, warning them not to fall and to be careful, however it is too late, Plusle and Minun have swung too fast and fall off the swing, landing on top of Pikachu, who promptly tells them off. Grovyle walks past pulling a huge screen in front of Pikachu, on it is a picture of the singing star Azumarill.

Meanwhile a car is being driven up an old dusty road towards the beach, tooting its horn. Inside Wobbuffet is driving; Meowth is sitting next to him and in the back is the singing star Azumarill. Meowth begins to talk to Azumarill about it's talent and then starts to day dream... he pictures himself being Azumarills manager and how rich he could become but the dream is cut short due to an engine blow out on the car which grinds to a halt and black smoke comes out from the bonnet.

Back at the beach, Pikachu, Plusle and Minun are staring down the road waiting for the soon to arrive Azumarill, but to their disappointment nothing is there, not even over the hills. Minun and then Plusle start to run up the road, quickly followed by Pikachu in hope to find the missing Pokemon.

Back at the car we can see it gradually moving up a hill, Azumarill is still sitting inside it under shade from the blistering heat, but at the back of the car Meowth and Wobbuffet are pushing, because of the cars engine failure. Azumarill offers her help but Meowth refuses to let her due to her being a star and how she should conserve her energy and as he finishes talking, Plusle, Minun and Pikachu all run over the hill towards them.

Plusle and Minun are over excited to see Azumarill and begin jumping around, but Wobbuffet spots something up in the sky, suddenly a Smarmory flies out of nowhere and grabs Azumarill with its claws and then flies off again. Azumarill has been kidnapped. Plusle and Minun are not impressed so together they launch a thunder shock at Skarmory, however it easily dodges it, Pikachu however manages to shock Skarmory's tail, knocking it slightly off course. Skarmory heads back towards the beach, it is going to crash, Skarmory smashes into the Pokemon's food stalls, throwing all the food up into the air, this makes Snorlax stand up to attention, he opens his mouth and gobbles all the food up just before lying back down again to sleep.

Skarmory is still in flight, it hasn't quite hit the floor, Skarmory screams across the top of the sand with Azumarill still in it's grasp, Corphish stands in front of Skarmory giving it a piece of it's mind, but Skarmory just charges right in with a tackle attack knocking Corphish out just before flying off. Grovyle and Combusken attempt to stop it with a Bullet Seed and Fire Spin respectively, but they both miss and Skarmory flies off onto a desolate island out across the sea.

All the Pokemon back on the beach watch on saddened by the kidnapping, Meowth falls down, head into the sand upset at the loss, Minun and Plusle argue about going to fetch Azumarill until they are interrupted by a really old Bellsprout with a beard and a walking stick. He explain about the island and how Skarmory lives high up on the highest peak in a cave, as he explains we see Skarmory fly into its hideout and lay Azumarill down, from the darkness we hear rumbles and an Aggron appears and begins to approach Azumarill, frightening Azumarill.

Meowth begins to vent its frustration, he starts rambling on about his loss and how he wont get the money, he grabs Pikachu and starts to shake him telling him they have to do something about it, but Grovyle stands between them separating them. Corphish stands on the beach looking out to the sea, and he says that the only option is to go save Azumarill which stirs up everyone, getting them excited.

Out on the sea Corphish is pulling along a boat which has Meowth at the helm, with Wobbuffet, Pikachu, Plusle, Minun, Grovyle and Combusken sitting in. As they get close to the island, Corphish spots something swimming about the rocks, he warns everyone who brace themselves for attack. There are 10 or more Sharpedo surrounding the boat, Pikachu tells Corphish to speed up and try and lose the Sharpedo, but they are much quicker than him.

One Sharpedo begins to attack from behind the boat, Combusken tries to fight it off with a Fire Spin but it does not work due to it being in the water. The Sharpedo bites into the back of the boat, the boat slows to a halt and many Sharpedo begin to close in on them from the front and behind. Plusle and Minun shock the Sharpedo in front of them, and while still recovering Grovyle jumps out of the boat and over the top of them landing on a nearby rock, he truns to face the Sharpedo and launches a Bullet Seed at the water, throwing the Sharpedo up into the air clearing the way for Corphish. Corphish stand up out of the water and throws the boat by the rope towards the island, leaving itself behind, but a Crab Hammer from him and a Leaf Blade from Grovyle throw up water forming a temporary wall of water. The water settles and Corphish and Grovyle are standing poised on two rocks, ready to fight off the Sharpedo.

The boat has landed at the beach, Meowth, Wobbuffet, Pikachu, Plusle, Minun and Combusken all get off, none of them however know which way they should go. Pikachu however spots the tall mountain in front of them and points up towards the highest peak.

The 6 Pokemon start to ascend up the tight path, Meowth steps a little too close to the edge and the rocks under his foot give away, however he is caught by Wobbuffet, as the gang are trying to pull Meowth up the safety another Skarmory begins to attack. Combusken launches a Fire Spin back at it but Skarmory manages to dodge, Meowth is pulled to safety just before Skarmory swings in again for another attempt at an attack. Combusken tells the other 5 Pokémon to run off and find Azumarill and that he will hold off the Skarmory allowing them a clean get away.

We cut to the cave, inside are our 5 travelling heroes, the cave is very spooky and Meowth is scared but Plusle and Minun however are not effected by this and start to run off ahead, Meowth and Wobbuffet however want to be in front and jump ahead of them again. The four Pokémon battle over who will be in front, it is a very tied race and they run off round a winding trail and into another room. Pikachu stands and sighs shortly before giving chase, as he leaves a Magnemite flies in behind it.

The five Sharpedo that remain attack Grovyle and Corphish, Grovyle is riding on Corphish's back. The Sharpedo attack with a Hyper Beam each but Grovyle and Corphish manage to hold them off with Bullet Seed and Bubble Beam.

Back inside the cave the 5 Pokemon are walking over a bridge, they come to a fork in the path, two pathways, one to the right the other to the left. They are very confused at to which to choose until they hear some faint singing coming from the right hand tunnel. Suddenly we hear a large roar and an Aggron burst through the wall with Magnemite. Pikachu, Plusle, and Minun stand up willing to fight for Azumarill, btu Aggron uses sandstorm blowing all 5 Pokemon away, it then starts to swing in a Iron Tail but Pikachu jumps up over the tail and fires a powerful Thunderbolt onto Aggron knocking it down. Meowth and Wobbuffet run off the to side to see if they can find Azumarill and leave Pikachu with Plusle and Minun to try and fend off the Aggron, but Aggron sends Magnemite to follow Meowth and Wobbuffet. Aggron stomps forward, ready to attack; Pikachu, Minun and Plusle all do the same back ready to attack.

Back at the beach all the Pokemon are gathered looking out towards the island, the old Bellsprout is talking to Swellow at the front of the beach, he sends out Swellow to aid the Pokemon already at the island.

Meowth and Wobbuffet are running down the tunnel, Magnemite flies in front of them and prepares itself to attack, Meowth runs behind Wobbuffet who managed to deflect the attack with Counter, knocking the Magnemite out, Meowth and Wobbuffet seize their chance and run off down the tunnel.

We cut to outside, Combusken is running, closely followed by Skarmory. Skarmory launches a Swift attack, but Combusken quickly turns and jumps up out of the way and into a Sky Uppercut attack, hitting Skarmory head on but the Skarmory faints mid air and catches Combusken on its way down pulling Combusken with it down into the darkness of the island.

We cut to some rocks, behind them Azumarill is singing to itself it appears, Meowth and Wobbuffet run up from behind and tell Azumarill they are here to help. Meowth grabs Azumarill by the hand and starts to pull it away but Azumarill is not budging, Azumarill points to something in the ground which really shocks Meowth.

Back at the fork in the road, Pikachu, Plusle and Minun are still holding off Aggron, it stomps into the ground right in front of them knocking the trio back into a nearby wall. Aggron tries to punch the three Pokemon, Minun and Plusle hide behind Pikachu but before it can strike a Flamethrower, Bullet Seed and Water Gun come flying from behind and strike Aggron hard. It falls to its knees, because attack it from behind are Combusken, Grovyle and Corphish, Aggron starts to try to get back up again and Pikachu is going to shock it, but Meowth and Wobbuffet run in the way and prevent the attack because from the tunnel appears Azumarill, a bunch of Aron and a few Lairon, who Aron are huggling Azumarill gleefully.

Outside the cave stands all the Pokemon who were sent to the island, Aggron then begins to tell a story and a flash back begins. He explains how him and his children love to see other Pokemon, we see them standing there watching a trio of Wingull just sitting on a rock, but because of Aggron's size and brute it cannot get off the island and therefore cannot experience meeting other Pokémon.

All of a sudden a huge Wailord along with Swellow appear at the beach, Swellow explains he has brought a lift back home for the Pokémon, Pikachu runs over to the gang of Pokémon and delivers the good news, nuch to Aggron's delight. Wailord carries the Pokémon over the sea, which is starting to glisten in the sunset, the Pokémon ride Wailord with the wind in their ears all the way back to the beach where our adventure began.

A stage light is turned on and Meowth is standing on stage in a top hat and a suit, he introduces to a huge crowd of Pokemon, Azumarill, who descends on the swing which Plusle and Minun were playing on before, singing a beautiful lullaby to the Pokémon watching on. As the song progresses we see a whole gang of Pokemon on the stage as backing singers, including Pikachu, Plusle and Minun, Meowth and Wobbufet.

The camera pans out from the stage and the Pokemon continue singing and playing into the night having made new friends after a long adventure on the island.

Thanks to grem for writing this for us

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