Abilities, a feature that was introduced in the games Ruby/Sapphire have become a vital aid to every Pokémon trainer. Each of the 809 Pokémon have a special Ability some unique to that Pokémon, others spread about through many other Pokémon. Some Pokémon even get a selection of two Abilities, however it can only have one and once it has that one, it's stuck with that one

Abilities tend to range from having certain battle effects such as Paralysis when Physical Contact is made to allowing Wild Pokémon to appear more on the Overworld. All Pokémon games since Ruby & Sapphire have made use of these abilities. However in Pokémon Emerald certain abilities received an extra boost and an additional off-Overworld effect.

This section is to allow for an easy look at each of the different abilities including lists of the Pokémon that know the ability: