Poké Lids

Poké Lids are a special campaign held throughout Japan as part of the Pokémon Local Acts campaign, where Pokémon become ambassadors of certain areas in Japan and help with the economy and local features including parks.

Poké Lids are an extension of this and offer special Utility Covers throughout Japan that are placed in common tourist spots or places of special cultural significance. Many Poké Lids are routinely added with over 250 Poké Lids having been placed so far.

This campaign started in December 2018 as part of a special Eevee Celebration with the Eevee Poké Lids in the Kagoshima Prefecture of Japan known as Eevee Lids, but in July 2019 this expanded further to become Poké Lids throughout the country of Japan.

In addition to this, various Merchandise is available in the local areas featuring the local Poké Lids.

PokéLid in Yokohama

Poké Lids

In addition to being in tourist spots, these Poké Lids also are made into special PokéStops in Pokémon GO, allow for players to get postcards from the Poké Lids to share with friends everywhere.

PokéLid in Pokémon GO

List of Poké Lids by Prefecture

PrefectureAmount In Area
Fukuoka Prefecture8 Poké Lids
Saga Prefecture3 Poké Lids
Miyazaki Prefecture26 Poké Lids
Kagoshima Prefecture9 Poké Lids
Okinawa Prefecture12 Poké Lids
Tottori Prefecture20 Poké Lids
Okayama Prefecture4 Poké Lids
Kagawa Prefecture18 Poké Lids
Mie Prefecture22 Poké Lids
Shiga Prefecture5 Poké Lids
Kyoto Prefecture5 Poké Lids
Osaka Prefecture5 Poké Lids
Hyogo Prefecture3 Poké Lids
Nara Prefecture5 Poké Lids
Niigata Prefecture4 Poké Lids
Toyama Prefecture3 Poké Lids
Aichi Prefecture4 Poké Lids
Tochigi Prefecture3 Poké Lids
Saitama Prefecture3 Poké Lids
Chiba Prefecture4 Poké Lids
Kanagawa Prefecture5 Poké Lids
Tokyo Prefecture12 Poké Lids
Hokkaido Prefecture42 Poké Lids
Aomori Prefecture2 Poké Lids
Iwate Prefecture28 Poké Lids
Miyagi Prefecture35 Poké Lids
Fukushima Prefecture26 Poké Lids
Yamaguchi Prefecture4 Poké Lids
Ishikawa Prefecture1 Poké Lids
Akita Prefecture5 Poké Lids
Ehime Prefecture2 Poké Lids
Tokushima Prefecture3 Poké Lids
Fukui Prefecture6 Poké Lids
Wakayama Prefecture5 Poké Lids

List of Poké Lids by Pokémon Species