Pokémon Shirts

Release Date: February 27th 2019

Pokémon Shirts are a product created by Original Stitch that allow for you to customise various shirts with PokĂ©mon designs. You have the ability to mix and match different fabrics to include multiple PokĂ©mon styles in one

These patterns are released regularly and used in a variety of products and you have the abiltiy to customise all elements to include pockets, short sleeve, long sleeve, as well as deciding if the shirt is Casual, Dress or Hawaiian style.

Pokémon Shirt Image

List of Standard Pattern Categories

CollectionRelease Date
KantoFebruary 27th 2019
JohtoApril 3rd 2020
HoennFebruary 26th 2021
SinnohOctober 3rd 2021
GalarJanuary 15th 2021

List of Special Shirt Collections

CollectionRelease Date
Artist CollectionFebruary 2019
Inori Kito CollectionOctober 13th 2020
Secrets of the Jungle CollectionNovember 20th 2020
UNBUILT Takeo Kikuchi CollectionOctober 8th 2021
Yu NagabaOctober 21st 2022
Seasonal PrintsMay 19th 2023

List of Other Products

Masks Bandana Aprons
Pokémon Shirts - Masks Pokémon Shirts - Bandanas Pokémon Shirts - Aprons
Release Date:

November 27th 2020
Release Date:

November 20th 2020
Release Date:

April 9th 2021


Pokémon Polo Shirts

Release Date: June 5th 2020

Pokémon Polo Shirts were introduced in 2020. These were less customisable but allowed for you to select the buttons, including some Poké Ball patterns, as well as some embroidery of Pokémon or the including of a shirt pattern as a pocket

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Pokémon Polo Shirt Image