After Ash comes 16th in the Pokémon League, Prof. Oak asks him to go get the GS Ball from Professor Ivy. Once There Brock Leaves and Tracey joins.

The events of the Orange League are as follows:
  • Ash reaches Valencia Island. Gets the GS Ball from Prof. Ivy
  • Brock leaves to stay with Prof. Ivy
  • Tracey Joins the Group
  • Ash catches a Lapras
  • Ash beats the Gym Leader Sissy by winning 2 of 3 competitions. He gets a Corel Eye Badge
  • Ash beats the Team Rocket members Butch and Cassidy
  • Togepi learns Metronome
  • The Group discovers the rare and elusive Pinkan Island
  • Misty thinks Psyduck evolves but uses a wild Golduck in battles "Its just a Pokémon version of Brock"
  • Ash beats the Gym Leader Danny by winning 2 of 3 competitions. He gets a Sea Ruby Badge
  • Ash catches a Snorlax
  • Tracey Catches Scyther
  • Ash meets Lorelei (Prima)
  • Lawrence the 3rd starts Catching the Legendary Birds to Lure Lugia out
  • Lugia is released from the sea and starts Battling Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres
  • Ash helps Lugia beat the other birds. He brings peace back to Earth
  • Ash Beats The Gym Leader Rudy by winning 2 of 3 battles. He gets a Spike Shell Badge
  • Squirtle Learns Hydro Pump
  • Charizard begins to obey Ash
  • Ash Beats Luana by winning a tag match using Pikachu and Charizard. He gets the Jade Star Badge
  • Misty catches a Poliwag
  • Ash battles Drake in the Orange League Championship
  • Ash beats Drake's Dragonite after it wipes out all Ash's Pokémon Except Pikachu
  • Ash Releases Lapras
  • Ash returns home to Pallet Town
  • Brock re-joins the group
  • Ash Battles Gary. Ash loses
  • Ash Gives the GS Ball to Oak
  • Oak cant open the GS Ball and asks Ash to take it on his way to the land of Johto
  • Ash gets a new Pokédex
  • Tracey Leaves the Group

    Here is the list of Episodes and the Guides:

    # -English Episode Name- -Jap. Episode Name- Pics
    84 A Scare in the Air Airship Mishap!? Pics
    85 Pokeball Peril Southern Pokémon & The GS Ball Pics
    86 The Lost Lapras Lapras In Bonds! Pics
    87 Fit to be Tide Orange League! Mikan Gym!  Pics
    88 Pikachu Re-Volts Mystery of the Disappearing Pokémon! Pics
    89 The Crystal Onix The Crystal Onix! Pics
    90 In the Pink The Island of Pink Pokémon! Pics
    91 Shell Shock Secret of Fossil Kabuto! Pics
    92 Stage Fight Dance! Pokémon Showboat! Pics
    93 Bye Bye Psyduck Adios Psyduck, Hello Golduck Pics
    94 The Joy of Pokémon Nurse Joy Sailing! Raging Waves! Pics
    95 Navel Maneuvers Navel Island! Battle on Snow Mountain Pics
    96 Snack Attack! Hungry Snorlax! Great Panic! Pics
    97 A Shipful of Shivers Phantom Pokémon of the Phantom Ship! Pics
    98 Meowth Rules! Lord Meowth's Island!? Pics
    99 Tracey Gets Bugged Scyther - Soldier's Pride Pics
    100 A Way Off, Day Off It's the Southern Islands! Everyone Gather! Pics
    101 The Mandarin Island Miss Match Lorelei of the Elite Four! Ice Duel! Pics
    102 Wherefore Art Thou, Pokémon? Nidoran's Love Story Pics
    103 Get Along, Little Pokémon The Vast Plain's Call Pics
    104 The Mystery Menace Phantom of the Underwater Tunnel Pics
    105 Misty Meets Her Match! Trovita Gym Type Battle! 3 vs. 3! Pics
    106 Bound For Trouble Pikachu Vs. Meowth!? Pics
    107 Charizard Chills Charizard! I Choose You! Pics
    108 Pokémon Water War Fire Extinguishing Showdown! Squirtle Vs. Wartortle! Pics
    109 Pokémon Food Fight Snorlax's Power! Pics
    110 Pokémon Double Trouble Tag Match! The Last Gym! Pics
    111 The Wacky Watcher Magikarp! The True Secret! Pics
    112 The Stun Spore Detour Poliwag and Misty Pics
    113 Hello Pummelo Winner's Cup! 6 vs. 6! Pics
    114 Enter The Dragonite Final Battle! Dragonite's Appearance! Pics
    115 Viva Las Lapras Goodbye Lapras! Pics
    116 The Underground Round Up Electrode's Tremendous Blast!? Pics
    117 A Tents Situation Return to Pallet Town! Pics
    118 The Rivalry Revival Rival Confrontation! Ash Vs. Gary! Pics

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