Cram Adventures Into a Pocket

This series, commonly known as Pokétsume, is the first live action drama series focused on Pokémon, but rather than the Pokémon world, it takes place in the real world. It airs on TV Tokyo in Japan and began on October 19th 2023.

Basic Synopsis

Madoka Akagi grew up in a port town in the Kanto prefecture of Japan. After graduating university, she moved to work at ADventure, a small advertising agency in Tokyo. She came to Tokyo in search of her dreams but reality sets in and every day is not like the world she imagined, especially when she has to do a presentation that decides the company's fate. However, she soon finds a package from her mother which includes a Game Boy Pocket and Pokémon Red.

She decides to start playing Pokémon Red for the first time in 20 years. How will her adventue go?


Madoka Akagi

Jp. Name: Madoka Akagi (赤城まどか)

Nanase Nishino

The series follows Madoka Akagi, a young girl who moves to Tokyo after graduating university. However, life doesn't match her dreams but she ends up falling back into the world of Pokémon.

Madoka Akagi

Episode Listing

Episode NumberPictureEpisode NameRelease Date
Episode 1 PokéTsume - It's Super Effective It's Super Effective October 19th 2023
Episode 2 PokéTsume - ___ Won't Obey They're Not Listening October 26th 2023
Episode 3 PokéTsume - Magikarp Koide Magikarp Koide November 2nd 2023
Episode 4 PokéTsume - Kangaskhan and Kogusuri Kangaskhan and Kogusuri November 9th 2023
Episode 5 PokéTsume - Snorlax Old Man used Block The Snorlax Man Roadblock November 16th 2023
Episode 6 PokéTsume - What? Hiyama is Evolving... What? Hiyama is Evolving... November 23rd 2023
Episode 7 PokéTsume - ...Be Gone...Intruders... ...Be Gone...Intruders... November 30th 2023
Episode 8 PokéTsume - Meguro's Fire Blast Meguro's Fire Blast December 7th 2023
Episode 9 PokéTsume - A Rival's Existence A Rival's Existence December 14th 2023
Episode 10 PokéTsume - Meguro's Fire Blast Cram Adventures Into a Pocket December 21st 2023


Planning: Shota Hatanaka
Screenplay: Shota Hatanaka
Screenplay: Atsuo Akari
Screenplay: Michihiro Odoshi
Director: Paul Young
Director: Takayuki Hayashi
Director: Takeshi Matsuura
Producer: Kôichi Urushima
Producer: Ayaka Masai
Producer: Hideyuki Wakuta