Game Mechanics

The Pokémon games, on the surface they look like a simple Turn-Based RPG game with little substance, as many non-fans claim. This however, is far from the truth. There are hundreds of random variables and hidden variables utilised within the game that give it some of the most depth you shall ever see and this section, with its many pages is set out to show you as many of these variables as humanly possible and give you detailed guides and calculators to help you understand them. You can use the above drop-down menu to navigate, the right hand Toolbar or the general information on this page

There are many aspects of the game that require covering and so this section was created. The first we'll focus on are the core fundamentals of Pokémon. Each Pokémon has Individual Values set that help determine the strengths of the Pokémon. These can be calculated in our Individual Value Calculator. In addition to that, you have the ability to increase your Pokémon's stats by giving them Effort Values. These features both influence the Stats of the Pokémon. Pokémon are levelled up with Experience Points and you have the ability to Breed Pokémon to pass on natures, IVs and attacks.

Each individual Pokémon gets numerous aspects at random. These include Natures which boost and hinder the Pokémon's stats. They have a varying Happiness value which helps some Pokémon evolve, and helps boost certain attacks. Each Pokémon has a set Ability which can help give it a unique boost in battle, especially when used in conjunction with specific attacks. Each Pokémon has a chance to be an Alternate Coloured (Shiny) Pokémon which gives it an alternate look and essentially have a good trade price. Finally, a significant portion of Pokémon have numerous Alternate Forms that they have the ability to switch to.

Battling is the core aspect of Pokémon and as such, there are numerous aspects to consider. First, each Pokémon has Stats that help determine the damage calculated. Type Compatibility also is factored in with weaknesses and resistances of the many Pokémon. In addition to that, there are Status Ailments inflicted and the possibility of Critical Hits. Speed Priority also helps determine when your Pokémon will attack.

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